国际学生 comprise nearly nine percent of our campus family. Students from around the world have found a safe, welcoming home at bet365娱乐场. 我们希望你也会.

这个网站上的大部分信息都与学费有关, scholarships and the acceptance process is the same regardless of your citizenship. This online checklist is to help international students confidently complete steps from application to the first day of classes.


1. 被联合大学录取


NOTE: The international application deadline is June 1 for the fall semester and November 1 for the spring semester.


  • 如果你的学校采用的是美国或英国的教育体系, please have your school's records office submit your official transcript by emailing to enroll@yheng88.com
  • If you attend a school NOT on an American or British education system, you must submit your transcripts using the World Education Services website (wes.org).

提交英语水平测试成绩 (students whose first language is not English must score one of the following minimums):

  • 5.国际英语语言测试系统(雅思)5分 
  • 托福网考(计算机考试)60分
  • 托福成绩550分

(发送到 enroll@yheng88.com.)



Note: 将这些文件发送到enroll@yheng88.com

提交经济担保书表格 (下载PDF)—Complete the affidavit of support to demonstrate your ability to cover costs of tuition, room, board, 你学习课程的书籍和费用. 

提交银行对账单—submit a copy of your parents' or sponsors' bank statement to show proof of sufficient income to support you during your course of study. 

提交护照照片页的复印件 以确保我们签发的I-20信息正确.

支付国际保兑保证金-bet365娱乐场需要5美元,在签发I-20表格之前,你需要支付1000美元的定金, 其中4美元,000英镑将立即转入你的学生账户. 剩下的1美元,000 is held as a deposit and applied to your student account upon completion of your program or withdrawal. 如果您不注册,将退还全部押金. 资金可在网上支付 www.yheng88.com/pay (select "international confirmation deposit") or wired to bet365娱乐场 (you will receive instructions after you have applied and been accepted).


If you are currently in the United States on an I-20 student visa, then please download and fill out this PDF form and return via email or post (instructions are on the form).

International Student Request to Transfer to bet365娱乐场 form

在你被录取之后 ...


3. 制定你的财务计划

填写财务问卷. 你需要登录到 学生会门户网站 用你的UC-ID. Click the piggy bank icon and then select Financial Aid Questionnaire from the menu.
NOTE: the Financial Questionnaire will be available on November 15.

和朋友交谈 财政援助顾问. They will clear up any details, answer questions and finalize your financial plan.

Finish your financial steps under the "To Do" tab on "My Financial Aid" on your 门户网站帐户 (验收后通过电子邮件通知您).


Nearly every student at bet365娱乐场 gets some level of scholarships. Our scholarships for international students are based on your grades. Our 记录办公室 will translate your grades into the American 4.当我们收到你的成绩单时. 但是,您可以看到有关的信息 由世界教育服务提供的年级转换.

  • 2023-2024


平均绩点(GPA) 4分.0规模


3.9和33或更高 行为得分


3.8 - 4.0 


3.5 - 3.79


3.25 - 3.49


3.0 - 3.24





4. 获得学生签证

当你收到你的I-20后,与美国移民局预约.S. 在你本国的大使馆申请学生签证. 在预约前,你必须缴付SEVIS的费用(http://www.fmjfee.com/i901fee/).


5. 支付第一笔付款

你可以在 www.yheng88.com/pay. Your International confirmation deposit will be automatically applied to your first month's payment.


6. 提交其他所需表格

从宿舍住宿表格开始预订您的房间 帮院长为你挑选最好的室友. 点击此处提交.

您的注册清单 学生会门户网站 会告诉你更多你需要的吗. 


6. 填写健康表格并提交免疫接种记录

你需要填写一系列健康表格 uHealth门户 然后才能开始上课. 如果你未满19岁, additional forms will be required to be signed by a legal guardian, 比如父母. 访问 uHealth门户网站 requires the same log in information as uGroups, 门户网站 and other bet365娱乐场 systems. 对于一些需要签名的文件, you will need to upload a scan or high-resolution photo of the document through uHealth

登录后 uHealth,你须提交: 

  • Personal Health History Form (may be completed online by the student or guardian) 
  • Required immunization records (these may be obtained from your physician and then scanned and uploaded in uHealth门户网站). 你需要提供以下证明: 
    • MMR(麻疹, Mumps and Rubella) two vaccines after the first birthday or an antibody lab titer proving immunity.
    • 脑膜炎球菌疫苗(PDF) (16岁或16岁以上)或a 豁免形式 signed if living in the residence hall (must be signed by parent if student is under 19 years old).
    • Upload your completed Tuberculosis Screen Questionnaire (available through uHealth提交量子子测试的结果.
      • Students can receive the test in the 校园卫生 office if one cannot be obtained prior to arrival. 如果皮肤试验呈阳性, you will need to get an IGRA lab test completed called a Quantiferon or T-SPOT.
      • If the lab result is positive, a chest x-ray is necessary to check for tuberculosis. 可能需要去一次传染病专家那里.
  • 19岁以下学生: 未成年人医疗授权书. 这需要打印出来, signed by a parent or legal guardian and then upload a scan or image of it to the uHealth门户.
  • 考虑额外推荐的疫苗*:
    • 破伤风(Tdap)在过去10年内
    • 小儿麻痹症系列(3-4针)
    • Varicella (chickenpox) vaccines (2 shots) or Varicella lab titer proving immunity.
    • 乙型肝炎系列(3针)或实验室滴度证明免疫. 
      *如果你参加了 医师助理护理 or 国际救援和救济计划, or you will be traveling internationally on a Union-sponsored mission trip, you will be 需要接种这四种疫苗.

请留出一些时间来处理所有传入的运行状况数据. If you have questions, please contact the 校园卫生 office at campushealthnurse@yheng88.com.



Making new friends, meeting teachers and joining a new community.

  • 重要的日期,点击这里 to learn more about new student move and uConnect, including dates and times.
  • 〇机场接机You can get free Lincoln or Omaha airport transportation for new students and their parents. Email enroll@yheng88.com 您的行程和联系方式 至少在抵达前7天 确保从机场接机.